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The way to select our suitable Japanese language school

When we select our Japanese language school, what points are important to direct our attention? This page describes such points to select our best Japanese language school.

But before reading this page, I guess that it would be better to look over the below page to understand what are Japanese language abilities. Please check out the below page before this page if you don't read about Japanese language ability.

After reading the above page, please check the below points that are important to select Japanese language school.

  • Curriculum of the school
  • Living environment
  • Nationalities of the students
  • Course to take after graduation
  • Activity of the school
  • Facilities

These importances would depend on the opinions of students to study in Japan. For example, if somebody's opinion is entering Japanese university, the priorities of "Curriculum of the school" and "Course to take after graduation" would be the highest priorities for the student. And "Activity of the school" wouldn't be so important for the student.

On the other hands, "Curriculum of the school", "Activity of the school" and "Facilities" would be more suitable than "Course to take after graduation" for the students who visit Japan with their working holiday visa.

So, it's better to think our priorities in above points for selecting our Japanese language school to serve our purpose.

Let's read the detail of each point, next.

Curriculum of the school

At first, we must check the curriculum of the school. Because, it's the most important point for the student who plan to enter Japanese university and people who plan to learn Japanese language abilities to live long-term in Japan.

At that time, we would check below points concretely.

PointsContents / Reason
Method learning Japanese language abilitiesWe can't learn only basic abilities, which are 'Reading', 'Writing', 'Speaking' and 'Listening', but we can also efficiently study and check vocabularies and so on.
Group workIt's easy to develop our Japanese language abilities by some group works, which are studying and researching in Japanese with other students. And it would give a lot of chances to understand some other country's ideas if the partners have different background in culture. So it would give some good influences to us.
Lesson to use ComputerThe lessons with computers would be helpful for us if we send polite Japanese E-Mail or making any documentations with Excel, Word and PowerPoint when we work or study at any university.
PresentationIt's one of the best training to get Japanese language ability, by explain something with polite Japanese words, making any documentations and researching in Japanese.
The number of student in a classIt's better that we study in small class with few students. And we can also check the number of levels and frequency to move next level.
Time to enter and graduateThere're several schools in the time when students enter and graduate, for example, from the school that we can only enter in April each year, to the school to enter each 2 weeks. It's also very important things to start studying in Japan.
Japanese life / cultureThe information of Japanese life and culture are included in the class or not. Sometimes such information would help us to live and enjoy in Japan.
Measures to enter Japanese universityIt would help you to enter any universities in Japan. Because of the class is aimed at entering any universities.

Living environment

When we think about our living environment in Japan, we would need to think about our room and the area to live in Japan. So let's check out the details of both of them below.

Dormitory for Students and Homestay

Actually, we will start to live in Japan if we enter our school in Japan, so our living environments would be very important for us. Some of the schools introduce some homestay families and/or student dormitories to their students. If they don't, the students must find their room to live in by themselves.

Of course, it's totally better that schools introduce any rooms to students. For example, if students will be in any troubles in the room, students can ask about the troubles to their school. Above all, we don't need to find the first room to live and it's really convenient for students to start their life in Japan.

Location of our school

It's also important where the school locates in Japan. If you want to get any experiences staying in the area of heavy snowfall, you can find your school at Tohoku or Hokkaido area. On the other hands, if you want to try to live at any big cities in Japan, there're a lot of chances in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. Basically, our life style and the events each season would depend on the area where the school locates, so please pay your attention to the area.

Nationalities of the students

It's a balance of the nationalities of students in schools. And it's totally better that the students come from several countries.

And there're below merits when we study with students who have several backgrounds.

  • We can make international friends through our class.
  • We can understand the other country's ideas or opinions by our group work.
  • We can enjoy other culture through some parties.
  • We can talk each other in Japanese. (Some students who have same mother language sometimes speak in the language and it would be impolite for other students)

It would be so great experiences for us to enjoy studying and parties with a lot of student who have different cultures included Japanese. On the other hands, if we make new friends who have only same cultural background, our life wouldn't so difference from in our country. So, friends affect our life in Japan.

Course to take after graduation

If our goal is entering a university in Japan, this point must be checked when we select our school. Because, we can guess which school we will study at after graduation by the result of courses of the graduates to take after graduation.

At that time, we can also check out their department of the university.

Activity of the school

We can have enjoyable time at the school, if it has a lot of activities. Of course, it's better that the activities are related to Japanese cultures, daily life or seasonal events and it would give a lot of new experiences to us.

The activities to enjoy Japanese cultures and daily life aren't only Sa-do that is Japanese tea ceremony, Ka-do that is Japanese art of flower arrangement and Kitsuke that is the way to trying Japanese traditional dresses, but also some seasonal events and joining some local festivals.

We can check seasonal event in Japan on the below page.


We don't need any computers to work at our office in only Japan, but we also use some computers in our country now. So some computer classes must be necessary in their curriculum, especially the school that provides any business classes.

So, some of the schools would provide such ways searching information on Japanese website, writing e-mail in Japanese, making some documentations by Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint in Japanese to their students.