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Japanese Language Ability

What do you think about Japanese language abilities? I guess it depends on the purpose, for example understanding Japanese Manga that is Japanese cartoon, describing our ideas to Japanese with our Japanese words, trading some e-mails with Japanese and so on.

And the "Entering Japanese universities" and "Making some business chances with Japanese company" would be the majors in several kinds of purposes. Then what are the important Japanese language abilities to aim at the two goals? We need to write it below.

In the business cases, I'm sure about Japanese language abilities are most necessary at the meeting in the office. Because, we are required to understand every conversation and to describe our opinions in Japanese at the meetings. And we have to read some materials at a moment. Sometimes we need to give some presentations with some Japanese materials. And we need to record the proceedings of the meeting in Japanese. So, we need four abilities, which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for our meeting of our business.

Next, let think about the classes at the universities. At the university, we need to understand the contents of the lecture and the textbooks, to ask unclear things, write our answers at the examinations and give the presentations in front of a whiteboards. So we're required the four Japanese language abilities, which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in university.

So learning Japanese languages means that we learn the four Japanese language abilities, which are reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Some good Japanese language schools would have their curriculums and examinations included the four abilities materially. In additionally, it would be perfects that the school has some computer curriculums and group works. Because, we would be required to send some E-mail and write some materials with Microsoft word on the business today. And we have a lot of chances to work with our group at the jobs and researches at the university.