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Flow to enter at schools in Japan

What are the important points to enter Japanese universities and/or vocational schools in Japan? This page describes the flows to enter Japanese universities and some points to note.

I think that there're two flows to enter any universities in Japan. And the reason would depend on the country where we learn Japanese language in. Concretely, we can select a way from the next two ways in the country to learn.

  • To study Japanese language at Japanese language school in Japan.
  • To study Japanese language at schools in our countries.

In my opinion, learning Japanese language in Japan is more efficient than doing in the other countries by the reasons that are Japan is the best environment to learn Japanese language and there're some Japanese language schools providing some lessons aiming to enter universities in Japan. Actually, we can understand that studying Japanese language in Japan is more common by the fact that the number of students to take EJU in Japan is larger than the number of students who try to take EJU in their countries.

And we can see the both of the two ways to enter Japanese universities on the next illustration, and the left flow is the case to study Japanese language in Japan, and the right flow is the case to study in our countries.

The flow to enter Japanese universities

Flow to enter a school in Japan

The boxes colored yellow are the tasks, and the boxes colored red are things that we must decide on the above illustration.

The points to note of university entrance examination in Japan

The university entrance examinations are difference between each universities in Japan, so we must check the information about the flows to enter our universities of choice on their website. And the impotents to note are next points.

Is it possible to enter university by only EJU?

Some of Japanese universities give the acceptance letter by our results of the EJU, medical examination and transcripts in our high schools. And some of the universities send the acceptance letters to our homes in our countries.

Do we need to visit in the university for the entrance examination?

We are required to take the university entrance examination at some of the universities in addition to the EJU. At that time, we would take the oral examination and writing examination. It depends on the universities.

How do we apply and the schedule?

Japanese universities are different in the application periods and the documents for the application. So we must confirm the schedule and the kinds of documents.

The flow to enter Japanese language school to learn

If the opinions to study in Japan are learning Japanese language, the students enter a Japanese language school. For the students, please refer the left part of the illustration from the beginning to the box written "To Enter Japanese language school".