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Merits studying in Japan

It's a fact that there're a lot of countries where we can go abroad to study except Japan. So, what merits are there if we study in Japan?

This page describes some of the merits studying in Japan, so please compare the merits to your opinion of your feature once.

High-level educations in the world (Chemistry, Physics Science)

The educations at Japanese universities are generally high in the world. Actually Japan is a country with the greatest number of the Nobel Prize in Asia. And Japan is also the country that has some great companies that can lead international industries.

Japanese education has supported Japanese growth since long time ago. So our knowledge studied in Japan will help us after returning to our country.

And Japanese style of researching at Japanese universities is sometimes different from the other country's styles. If we study at the sciences department in Japanese university, we can belong a laboratory of a professor for our graduation research and we can learn how we study our graduation research and solve any problems concretely. The knowledge studied in Japanese university would give us some important answers when we approach any subjects after our graduation even if we work at different fields from studied at our university.

Modern Facilities and Equipment

The facilities and equipments at Japanese universities, colleges and vocational schools are usually perfect for our student lives. Of cause, we can't use only the library, computer room and gym but also several kinds of practicum and material facilities and equipments for our studying and researching.

Incidentally, the commons at Japanese universities are bit different between private universities and public ones. To put it concretely, the meals at the commons in private school are generally more delicious and expensive than public school's meals.

The best environment to learn Japanese language

Going abroad to study in Japan would give us the best environment to learn Japanese language. Actually, our daily life would change to using Japanese language by our life with our Japanese friends and homestay family, and we can also study in Japanese at our schools.

Especially, if we study at any Japanese university, college or vocational schools, we should take our notes of a lecture and write our reports in Japanese. It's really rare for us to write some academic Japanese sentences even if we live in Japan. If we work at Japanese company with some chances to use Japanese language after graduation, we can also study writing Japanese language, for example E-mail. Please get the ability writing Japanese sentences during studying at Japanese schools.

Staying long term in Japan

We can try Japanese daily life during staying to study in Japan. On the other words, we can't only travel around Japan but we can also work part-time in Japanese companies during our staying long-term.

Above all, we can enjoy Japanese daily Japanese life with Japanese cultures, which are Japanese food, newest movies, anime, manga and games.

So enjoying Japanese cultures would also be interesting and make unique experiences for international students.

Traveling around Japan easily

When we stay in Japan, it's a chance to travel around Japan during staying. The land of Japan isn't huge, but there are a lot of tourist cities (not only Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo), so it's impossible to visit every place in a year.

In additionally, Japan has the clear four seasons, and we can enjoy a lot of beauties of Japanese natures that are different each season. So we can try seasonally events and beauties by our going abroad to study in Japan.

Chance to work with Japanese companies

It would be possible to work at Japanese company if we graduate Japanese university with enough business and Japanese language abilities. And it's also easier to work with some Japanese companies in our country after returning to.

It would be so worthwhile things to work for such countries that have different cultures each. And at that job, the company would need the people who understand both cultures and customs. In that case, we wouldn't only be required to have Japanese language ability, but also we need enough knowledge of the customs and manners of business. And we need to take time to understand them by studying long-term in Japan.

International friends

It would be a pleasure of studying abroad to make a lot of international friends, who we mightn't meet with at only universities and Japanese language schools but also at our pert-time jobs. Of cause the chances would depend on the international level of environments, which are our university or Japanese language school and pert-time job and so on. So it would also be so important to select our very international school whose students came from a lot of countries.

Part-time job

It's approved things for students to work part-time in Japan. And the time of pert-time job depends on our immigration status. If we have the immigration status that is "College Student", so we can work 28 hours each week or 8 hours each day on our vacation. And students who have "Precollege Students" immigration status can work 4 hours each day.


Finding new special features of our country

Staying in the other countries should be the chance for us to try and touch the new culture of the countries. And if we find any special features of the other countries, we would also find some special features, which haven't known before going abroad, of our country by our comparing each culture.

And we can't understand some facts of our cultures by only our daily life and the culture in Japan, but we can also find them by a lot of exchange opinions on the difference our cultural background with our international friends who come to study in Japan.

The safest domestic security

Japanese level of domestic security is one of the highest levels in the world. Generally it wouldn't be problem that you walk alone at night, and there are very few atrocious crimes in Japan.

So Japan would be one of the best countries where international students stay safety and conveniently.